Why Does The Sister Channel in England?

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Why Does The Sister Channel in England?

Post by CaribbeanGirl » 7 months ago

We cut our cable cord back last year & now we stream TV, we use Roku. If tanzinite is so rare why do they sell it all day long, if it is so rare would'nt you want to keep it for yourself?? Shopping networks have been saying this for yrs. & yrs. Why do you want to get rid of it if it is soooo rare??I just do not know if Shop LC sells as much as they say they sell here in the states. Tons of ( RARE ) gems ,gold chains, tanzinite, and all the other tons of gems that are not being mined any more ?? When I turn on the sister channel in England the last few days they have a few expensive items but more under $10. Why is this, why is it being shoved at us one after another diamond, gold chain, tanzinite that is so rare, & in England they get more on the normal priced items. I do not think they even sell 1/10 of what they say they do here. Are we that much different here to have all the expensive items shown one after another after another, & in England they get more shoes, clothing, $10 items, bed linens. In the summer they get plants & flower bulbs. Are we that different from people in England, I do not think so, we have friends in England, his wife buys all kinds of items from them. Their shipping over there is $9.99 a month or $99.99 many items as you want you will not be charged any more for the whole yr. They have been having this sale all week now also, but not the crazy expensive items one after another after another. I thought all the good deals on gold chains ended at the first of the yr. are we still at the first of the yr.? I know there are many that feel like I do, we miss the old Shop LC, what happened to it, so many of the good hosts left even they did not want anymore of it. There are a couple of them here now that we wish would leave. Then there are the ones that need a award, a trophey, a emmy, a walk on the red carpet. I bow down to them for staying & putting up with the stuff they put up with.
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Re: Why Does The Sister Channel in England?

Post by kaylee3 » 7 months ago

Well said CaribbeanGirl. I love Tanzanite but can't pay the expensive prices their asking. What happened to the jewelry that was affordable? I don't understand what's happened to this company but I'm finding myself shopping at a different shopping channel.
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