Their surveys are horrible!

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Their surveys are horrible!

Post by Bella » 3 months ago

I just received a email for a Shop LC survey and it wouldn’t even accept my response because, I guess I didn’t use enough characters to explain the issue. Frankly I’m not sure what happened. How dumb is that? A “simple” issue doesn’t require a paragraph. I worked in marketing and the biggest mistake is to make surveys too long and difficult to manage quickly. Shop LC your guilty of both!
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Re: Their surveys are horrible!

Post by buyitall » 3 months ago

I experienced the same thing in reverse! I tried to explain why I was giving the rating and after I finished it wouldn’t accept it stating it was too long! Yet, that info was not given BEFORE I started! I had other issues with the survey as well! Finally, I just gave up! It’s ironic that when you are complaining about issues with their website…that you have issues with their survey format!! This channel is a mess and apparently they can’t or won’t fix it! It is so ridiculous! I visit a lot of websites AND shop with other websites…ShopLC is by far the worst website I’ve ever “tried” to use!!! Examples….not given free shipping when it shows it live on screen…fast buy doesn’t always work…going to my order history after using fast buy only to see it has placed orders for 3 or 4 of the item that I only ordered one of…live chat is useless….when you call customer service you can’t get them to understand your problem and you can’t understand them because of foreign accent…long time to receive items…especially items won on auction..items arriving broken…items arrive with smelly packaging…rings arrive with no tag they say you must have attached to return them…items arrive with no return slip included…Good grief! I could go on and on! How in the world do the other shopping channels sell hundreds of thousands of items each day and day do it flawlessly with very, very, little problems? I have been complaint a long time and nothing gets better. I emailed their parent company…I wrote Amit on his Facebook page..I have written on here when we had a moderator who responded…I‘be done everything I know to do. Do they not realize that customers get tired of the same problems over and over again? When I started shopping here years ago it truly was joyful and I told all my friends about ShopLC. No more…I tell them they do have good prices on a lot of things but all the stress and headaches and problems outweigh that! Yeah, things changed…What happened?
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