5 Budget pays??

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5 Budget pays??

Post by buyitall » 1 year ago

Has anyone noticed there are fewer and fewer mid to lower priced items with 5 budget pays?? I have seen some things in the last few days that I wanted to purchase….however, there were only 3 budget pays on them. Do they not know that most of us regular people are struggling right now?? I am on a fixed income and have to be very careful about what I purchase. Other channels have MANY items on 5 budget pays. Sometimes I purchase really nice jewelry from them with 5 budget pays of less than than $6.00!! I will continue to shop there because of this! Example….saw ring HERE a few days ago for $60…they had only 3 budget pays. I can’t afford $20 a month… ( I know that may not sound like much to some people but it is to me!)… but I could have afforded $12 of 5 budget pays. This is becoming the channel of the rich and vendors…and it’s especially true of the auction site!! Regular people are being priced out! They keep talking here about how much things have gone up on their end…so they WILL raise prices. So if they continue to offer 3 budget pays our monthly payments will go up. Does it not make sense that if their costs go up to give US more budget pays to make it more affordable to more people????
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Re: 5 Budget pays??

Post by Dolores » 1 year ago

I have seen items that weigh more than a ring sometimes the shipping is free or a $3.99 charge, most have 4 to 5 budget payments. Why can't shop offer this like they used to. I agree it's all for the rich or resellers. Like you I'm on a fixed income. I hope people are aware that all is not sterling silver, I see a lot of goldtone or other tones does everyone know that they can turn green. Shop LC is not what it used to be ,I haven't ordered anything in a few months most times it takes 3 weeks to a month to get it so there goes the 30 day return policy. I rarely look at it anymore. God Bless all
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Re: 5 Budget pays??

Post by BostonIrish » 1 year ago

Looks like there is a man on auctions that his 300 on everything must be nice! I wonder if He is buying all.🙄
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