Kim oblivious to Size chart

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Kim oblivious to Size chart

Post by Lacy » 4 months ago

Kim was to today saying that a coat they were selling size xxl will fit up to a 2x. NO. XXL is only one size up from XL not a 2X which is a plus size. How can she be oblivious of clothes sizes when she is supposed to be experienced. I hope the people who bought the coat paid attention to the size chart and not KIM. At least it can be returned since there is no Clearance on right now.
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Re: Kim oblivious to Size chart

Post by CaribbeanGirl » 4 months ago

Hi lacy, I did not see that today but I stream TV so I did run it back to see it, it is pretty bad when the customers have to stay on there toes because of hosts like Kim. I have a friend who wears a 2x, she goes thru that when buying on e Bay, some sellers think that 2x & 2xl & XXL are the same as 2x & it is not ,all of the other than 2x are misses size not plus size, different as night & day, maybe some of them will read this & get some education. I know of a host or 2 or 3 that needs it.
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Re: Kim oblivious to Size chart

Post by klre » 3 months ago

Kim isn't the only host to mess up the sizing issue. I requested the measurements of a Tamsey kaftan because their clothing runs small. Why doesn't Shop LC doesn't keep a MEASURING TAPE under the counter when showing clothing? At least it would allow the host to look professional and prepared. Instead after waiting a good 15 minutes, Jessica used a tape measurer to measure clothing!!

BTW, I sure wish they would feature more Winlar Kaftans. I know they have Tamsey and Jovie, but they just don't fit like Winlar or have the same quality. They're Kaftans so they should flow and fit comfortably.
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