Well, OK then.

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Well, OK then.

Post by FarmMom » 10 months ago

So I figured out, anything 3 stars or lower gets dumped for reviews. I wrote two good reviews, both went through, and one 3 star review which was STILL A GOOD REVIEW, and POOF. Gone.

I even had some GREAT ideas for them on what types of earrings to start creating and why they would work so well. It was simply brilliant. But nope. They junked my review simply because it "did not meet their expectations" lol. And again, it WAS a good review! I just didn't feel the product was worthy of 4 stars.

So, I will keep my great ideas to myself, and they can keep trying to avoid improving their products.

It also bothers me when I leave a GOOD review, and they STILL SAY "i'm sorry our product did not meet your expectations." You missed the point. I liked the product. No, it wasn't perfect. You don't need to pout because I'm not raving about it. It's still good though.

A better response would be " Thankyou for your purchase! We are glad you liked our product, despite it not exceeding your expectations. We hope to do better next time."
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