Free Shipping & 5 Budget Pays

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Free Shipping & 5 Budget Pays

Post by CaribbeanGirl » 6 months ago

I thought that would get your attention. For those of you that do not know, there a is a home shopping net work that starts with a Q that has FREE SHIPPING & 5 BUDGET PAYS THRU MONDAY
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Re: Free Shipping & 5 Budget Pays

Post by FarmMom » 6 months ago

I had done a quick search online for places selling Csarite (ACTUAL Turkish Diopside, not the fake stuff marketed here) and POOF they came up. The stones were stunning and a higher caliber than what others were selling. Sadly they were also sold out :(

But it got me thinking . . .

I did notice that perhaps shoplc is FINALLY doing their claim that anything you order all day, if it adds up to $50 you get free shipping . . . I made the mistake of clicking "fast buy" on several items instead of dumping into my cart during live tv . . . I was charged shipping on ALL ITEMS. The invoice to ship finally popped through stating only ONE fee of $4.99 was going to be charged (still should be $0), but nothing refunded on my account yet . . .

I HATE having to track my money. Should NOT have to do that.. but yet here I am . . .
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Re: Free Shipping & 5 Budget Pays

Post by Bella » 6 months ago

How about when they say the price is only good while it’s on live tv? That is how they try to get you to purchase the item right now, so you end up paying for shipping. Then you check later and maybe or maybe not the price is the same, so you load your cart up to $50 or more and bypass the shipping fee. Everything is a gamble with Shop LC you never know if you will really get the best deal. I don’t know how many times I have purchased something (with a decent coupon) and days later kicked myself because the price dropped. Oh, and I’m not calling CS begging for the difference. I hate calling them they are awful and just ruin your day dealing with them! At Shop Hq. you can send a quick email and they will honor the lower price if it’s within, I believe 30 days if my memory serves me right because I’ve done it before.
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