If it wasn't for the Auctions . . .

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If it wasn't for the Auctions . . .

Post by FarmMom » 9 months ago

Those of you who shop the auctions have no doubt taken notice . . . often items that are "sold out" or not available on the website can be found at Auction. I've even seen items that I had wanted LAST YEAR pop up on the site for my low-dollar taking!

I used to think it was the reject stuff . . . stuff that was returned after 30 days, and I'm sure THAT STUFF does end up there. But I am fairly certain they have two separate inventory systems, one for auctions and one for the regular website.

Often I see items on the auction that I have NEVER seen on the website (at least not within 30-45 days).

For me, it has been the BEST WAY to get an item in a size I need, and USUALLY at a much better price. I wanted to get my husband a new ring, something fancy-ish. They had a giant moissonitte ring on Live TV for a very reasonable price so I did snatch that up (I have a stunning moissonitte ring and it's beautiful - not a shoplc ring though), but I wasn't sure if he was going to like it, so decided to snag a second ring "just in case". But there was NOTHING available for men in his size on the main website. not to mention not many men's rings at ALL.

Thankyou Auction site. There were a few nice ones rolling through Auction and finally picked up a blue petalite -- he had commented on the stone the other day on a live tv broadcast and said he thought it looked cool, so I'm hoping he likes this ring!

FYI blue petalite is NOT natural, and I can't figure out why on earth they would market such a thing as GOOD petalite is rare and worth almost as much as Tanzanite (it's clear by the way).

The blue looks pretty, but I can't wrap my brain around the logic here if their push is always on "collectors".
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