What's Your Favorite Jewelry Buy??

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What's Your Favorite Jewelry Buy??

Post by FarmMom » 6 months ago

We all know the JUNK that's out there, and the stuff that's "not what it says". So what are your all time FAVORITE Shop LC jewelry buys?

My all time fav would have to be a rhodalite garnet cluster * ring. Looks like a big mum on my finger and the stones are lovely. I bought it full price for $80, but LOVED it so much, that when I saw TWO going to auction, I snatched them up for random presents for a mere $30!!!

Gave one to my ex mother in law (she's a simple lady who works hard in life and never buys anything for herself), she cried her eyes out and keeps it in her purse to wear driving home from work each day, lol!

The other I sent as a surprise mystery gift to give to a friend's mom for Christmas.

I also REALLY love the color change large stone flourite rings. Flourite is a beautiful stone, and so hard to find anywhere else. Also auction buy at about $45 (normally $99+). If you don't have one, get one. They hit the auction site frequently. While not advvised for rings, it is so clear and refractive it's hard NOT to want it in a ring form. And yes it does change color depending on the light :) ***get the biggest one you can!
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Re: What's Your Favorite Jewelry Buy??

Post by MaeWest1953 » 6 months ago

I really don't buy anything expensive from them or in fact anywhere
However I did buy the big fresh water pearl necklace last year....it has these LARGE unusual shaped nuggets if you will of the Pearl and they are about 1 inch apart from each other
Can't see it right now and too lazy to look for it but that has been my favorite

I also loved buying some of the great under $10 Friday's statement rhinestones or crystals necklaces
Bold is what I like and I have never been disappointed by my purchases for some time now
Only thing I don't like is when they enhance the jewelry pieces in those graphics, they make the colors look more vibrant so it's important to be able to see the host put them up to their necks and ears

Only two times in a few years I had to return a piece...but I have slowed down my buying because I just don't need anything :)
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