selling products we will never get.

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selling products we will never get.

Post by mickit » 1 year ago

My last 3 orders were placed almost a month ago. Then they tell me they cancel them after a certain amount of time. So they take my money and keep it for almost a month and then it takes them almost a week to give me a credit. Shop lc has really gone into some deceptive practices. Scam. I have been a long time shopper and in the last 6 months it seems everything has gone from bad to worse. Very bummed out.
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Re: selling products we will never get.

Post by SketchyPractices » 1 year ago

You're absolutely correct! I've ordered several items, some of which I've had to return. Their return process is RIDICULOUS! They NEVER return the amount that is due at one time. It always take at least 3 phone calls and a total of approx. 3 hours to get a simple refund. I've literally have spent 1,000's with this company. But, their deceptive practices have totally turned me off. I rather pay more with less stress and be able to read my charges clearly on my credit card without having to call back and forth.
I've also ordered items and them have cancelled the order, stating the items aren't available. But, I see the same items on the website, reorder and received the items. I'm not sure what Shop LC is playing at but I can see the Federal Trade Commission getting involved.
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Re: selling products we will never get.

Post by FarmMom » 1 year ago

Yep, agree all around. I have to keep yanking my husband away telling him no buying any of the nice stuff, it's not worth the risk. I'd rather have him pick out a nice setting online and the stones and put it together myself.

Plus it LOOKS so much nicer. I look at Shop LC and so much just seems mass manufactuered. . . . because it is . . . Like Kay Jewelers..
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