Shortage of Beaded Bracelets!

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Shortage of Beaded Bracelets!

Post by Lynmarie » 9 months ago

I remember when I first started watching Shop LC three years ago and they constantly had beaded bracelets on especially on Under $10 Fridays, now I rarely see different types of gemstones which were really nice for under $10, even on the online clearance they keep having the same beaded bracelets they have had for months?!
I don't watch as much as I use to because like everyone else has stated it is Gold, Gold more Gold and chains! I use to look forward to Under $10 Fridays but I keep seeing the same products time after time...makes you wonder what has happened with the variety/selections and even most of the hosts don't show the enthusiasm like they use to...especially on Friday evenings when it was fun to watch! Also Shop LC has been off of Dish Network for months now which was easier for me to watch the show instead of watching on my computer!
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Re: Shortage of Beaded Bracelets!

Post by FarmMom » 9 months ago

I almnost went broke with $10 Fridays last year, this year I've bought very little. And gave up shopping for myself.

I never put two and two together really about the Friday line-up changing as the cause of it all, but that's exactly what it is. And just being tired of the games too ;)
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Re: Shortage of Beaded Bracelets!

Post by MaeWest1953 » 9 months ago

Hi Lynmarie and FarmMom.....

You both have made some very good points and I am with you regarding the continuous same ole stuff :(
Now I will admit I have bought some pretty stuff in the last month on Under $10 Fridays but before that I hadn't gotten anything in months!
It was so boring and the shipping charges raised another $1.00 so that was a reason also
Gosh I can't remember the last time they have offered FREE SHIPPING on anything :(

Since I am not in to the high dollar gems and jewelry I don't miss any of what they could be selling
However when I get to see a show or 2 I like many of the fancy things they sell, I just can't afford to buy any of it
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