Opatra Lux brush vs knock offs

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Re: Opatra Lux brush vs knock offs

Post by Catwoman48 » 9 months ago

@Bella, I am ashamed to admit how many Opatra products I bought during a period of proposed self-improvement pre-pandemic. I did use the DermiEye every day for months. It felt good, but I didn’t really see any improvement in my under eye bags. I have lifelong nasal allergies that have assured the bags are permanent anyway! I did get a second one as a freebie with another product, but neither is the upgraded version with the red light. I really need to try out the face mask and the neck product. I registered them but have never used them. I don’t want to say anything negative about the Opatra products I haven’t used. But I won’t be purchasing any more. You are correct, they have a lot of imitators/competitors with what appear to be identical products at much lower prices.
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Re: Opatra Lux brush vs knock offs

Post by FarmMom » 9 months ago

Interesting! My husband had bought a brush last year for $99 and never used it. I have very fine/thin hair, I wonder if it would work for me . . . I had looked at their chin tightening thingy, and was thinking perhaps on my legs, (hahaha), but for my face I had the BEST results with beef tallow.

Total game changer. More moisture plus it was like getting botox, my face just plumped wit moisture and youth again. One of my mom friends makes it using only naturally fed beef from the Amish. It's greasy, so you only use a tiny bit, but takes down the wrinkles!
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