The "problem" with Platinum . . .

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The "problem" with Platinum . . .

Post by FarmMom » 6 months ago

Last night I watch another SLC airing of Rhopsody Tazanite pieces. They were talking about how it would be a family heirloom to be passed down to the great grandkids.

How sweet!

Except it cannot. Here's why.

Last year, our SECOND SLC purchase was one of their high end Rhopsody platinum rings. Host assured us we could size the rings up or down two sizes, and the company would do this for us for free!

So my husband ordered one, and asked customer service to size it down 2 sizes. They explained they would charge us an additional $300 and it would be non returnable. It would take an extra 30 days to arrive too. My husband was not happy about that since he'd already paid for it, so they told him to take it to a local jeweler.

So we did.


Most jewelers CANNOT work with platinum. It takes VERY special equipment, and lots of training. Most jewelers send their items out of state to large companies.

When we finally found a local high end jeweler who DID work with platinum, he explained it could NOT be re-sized two sizes, and he didn't recommend ANY resizing on this particular ring. Since it had stones set on the sides of the stone, the mounts would loosen or tighten and either drop the stones or shatter them.

It's a "set it and forget it" type of material. While it's worth more than gold, it cannot really be modified once set. if a stone breaks, you need a new ring, you cannot bend it to fit a new stone.

So as an investment piece, it makes it difficult. A buyer would need to have a hand the same size as yours. Certainly not the best choice for an heirloom piece where your great grandkids may have larger or smaller hands than you. Size 7 is possibly the most common size, but that might not work for you. It certainly wouldn't for me. I think my daughter is the only one with hands that would fit my rings, my step kids are all much larger boned. I guess they'd get stuck with my necklaces as heirloom items, lol.

Just something to think about!
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