Going on day 12 of waiting on REFUNDS!!!

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Re: Going on day 12 of waiting on REFUNDS!!!-UPDATE..

Post by Shopper7192 » 5 months ago

Okay guys I have an update.. 8-)
Thanks to the advice of @Lacy I did call CS on Friday around lunchtime. There was quite a long hold time but I was finally connected with a man who was easy to understand and he was nice and understanding of my situation. I had to end up asking to speak to a supervisor though because he really wasn't going to do anything for me, he only kept apologizing that the only information that was coming from the returns team is that they are working on returns from get this.... May 18th!! :o So they are at least 3 weeks BEHIND on returns and he said that they have not updated or given them any new information as to why they are that far behind but he just apologized for it.

It wasn't until I asked to speak to a supervisor that he said okay you are going to hear me typing in the background (and I could) as he was relaying that I wanted to speak to a supervisor regarding this situation. He said he told them that they processed my other returns from 5/30/23 ahead of this one and also couldn't provide an explanation of why they did this. So apparently the supervisor agreed to the request to refund me and cancel any remaining BP's so that I wouldn't get hit with those. So I personally didn't speak to a supervisor at all, he apparently communicated to one over the internet during our phone conversation which seemed weird to me but okay, whatever... it got the job done for that return.

I told him that I had another return (damaged) that was delivered back to them on the 26th that still hasn't been addressed either and he basically told me I would have to wait for that one to get processed. So who knows how long it is going to be before that one gets done and the one that I had to send back on Friday that was another wrong item sent! So if they are still working on returns from 5-18-23 then the ones from 5-26-23 and beyond are going to be FOREVER before they are processed!! :roll: This is certainly NOT good at all! I will have to call them back again and get them to put a stop on the BP's that will be coming out soon on the wrong item I had to return back to them! This is a total nightmare.

But if anyone deserves a best help 🏆AWARD it is you, @Lacy ! Thank you so much for your very helpful insight and advice! I did exactly what you said and got real results! Thank you again! 🙏🥰
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Re: Going on day 12 of waiting on REFUNDS!!!

Post by Lacy » 5 months ago

I am so happy for you that you got the refund and the issue resolved. The agent was reaching out to his supervisor by
Internal chat. ( we do that too). You have to ask for a supervisor to get things done. Now you know how to play their game.
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