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Post by Lanai » 9 months ago

I as well like Daniel. It seems like he mentioned that he was just doing some Contract shifts for ShopLC, maybe that is over. ShopHQ seems to be bringing back some of the Hosts and Models. Had read they were trying to regroup and were going to possibly borrow money from QVC to stay afloat, like QVC did for HSN in the past before the two joining under one umbrella. I think one of the worst things that ShopHQ ever did was to bring the Dubrows on board. Also, no offense to Watch Collectors, but it doesn't seem financially wise to present Watches every evening. I have purchased many nice, very good priced items from them over the years and hopefully they straighten out their financial problems. I purchase all my skin care, Isomers, products from them and don't know where I can get them from without having to pay shipping from Canada if ordering from the Company directly, sounds selfish, I know, and I don't mean for it be, but after many years of numerous skincare brand from Drugstore to Expensive High-End Brands for my skin, Isomers is the only one that makes products that my skin seems to like and have positive results. Love their products. Just have to wait for their sale events with bonus size products and stock up with Budget Pay. Good thing that it takes very little of their products to work so each last for a long time.
Has anyone uses David Pollack's skincare products from ShopLC?? Have tried a few and didn't really notice any negative or positive results as far as facial care, with all his accolades, I would think his products work well for some people. I do like his dark spot remover, I use it to fade sun spots on arms and back mostly, I was previously a Sun Worshipper and Suntan Bed user most of my life even though I knew I would pay for it later, couldn't resist that tan. Never thought I would live long enough for it to catch up, Wow I was wrong. Lol
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Re: Daniel

Post by FarmMom » 9 months ago


I rememeber a few stating tthey like David's stuff, but don't recall who or what. I had a few brands I finally liked ($50/bottle), but ultimately my friend makes tallow cream and that was moisture AND botox in a bottle. And at $15/tin you can't beat the price. Plus its 100% natural. It seems to take down about 70% of my wrinkles/lines.

But not sure about those dark spots. I wouldn't get it too close to the eyes as it IS just like botox and you'll have swollen eyelids the next morning, lol.
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