Real? or Fake? Ladies and gents...

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Real? or Fake? Ladies and gents...

Post by FarmMom » 9 months ago

I really only watch because we don't have cable and there are not too many options, so it's on while I make dinner.

Sadly it rarely hosts I enjoy, and worse it's usually Mr. Brazil. I REALLY DON"T go LOOKING for incorrect info. I just hear stuff that gets my attention.

Like the massive morganite ring he and Becky presented last night approx. 7pm EST. All was well and fine until he announced it was a an extra fancy checkerboard cut. Huh, I had never seen SLC do one before, so I looked up at the screen. I have lots of checkerboard cuts, can't say I exactly prefer them, but they are different.

The stone turned forward and backward. Not a checkerboard. Not close. It's what I would call a fancy cushion cut (or maybe it was emererald shape, cannot remember). Checkerboards are square.. these facets were triangles. Not close to any sort of checkerboard cut, although it was nice.

Ok, maybe he couldn't get a clear look at it. But it would be unusual to suggest it was checkerboard considering SLC normally doesn't do them. Or, option 2, he honestly doesn't cut gemstones and doesn't know which cuts are what, hence the mislabeling.

I certainly am no expert. But there ARE a few I do know and can easily pick out of a crowd. Checkerboard is one of them.

Now if he gets on and tries to tell everyone that a small asschur cut gemstone is "pixel cut" I might end up with a slab of chicken chucked at the TV....
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Re: Real? or Fake? Ladies and gents...

Post by MaeWest1953 » 9 months ago


Oh my gosh you have "exposed" Tony again....too funny :lol:
In my opinion you are experienced in many gemstones and most certainly know your "cuts" regarding them
I learned something just reading the above post you wrote :)

Thank you for pointing out that he isn't "all knowing" and that ShopLC has never presented a "checkerboard" cut
Have a blessed day Girl..... :)
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Re: Real? or Fake? Ladies and gents...

Post by Druid » 9 months ago

@FarmMom Love all your posts! Have a nice weekend!
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