Believable dupe

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Re: Believable dupe/zircon

Post by Lacy » 8 months ago

I love natural zircon over fake diamond looks. I'm not a fan of cz or moissanite in general, no matter who makes it or the name attached to it.
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Re: Believable dupe

Post by MayFlowers » 8 months ago

Thank you all so much!! I will look into all of these :D
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Re: Believable dupe

Post by Leanderlynne » 8 months ago

Years ago I bought a belle luce wedding ring from jtv and it was beautiful! I had it on when I was staying with my brother who was in Hospice. I was helping the nurse change my brother's bedding and she said GIRL! And I said what? And she pointed at my ring and said that's absolutely gorgeous! I said Oh Thank You! And then I thought to myself...Well now, if she thinks it's real then I'm just gonna let her keep on thinking that...LOL And it only cost me $39!
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