I am curious, has ShopLC Ever Sold a $5,000 AAA 14kt. Gold Tanzanite Tennis Bracelet?

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I am curious, has ShopLC Ever Sold a $5,000 AAA 14kt. Gold Tanzanite Tennis Bracelet?

Post by Penelope~Pit~Stop » 6 months ago

Good Morning to all.....

Holy moly! I am watching Shop LC and switching to another channel just to see what the others are doing
Right now the HQ is selling a gorgeous 14kt Gold AAA Tanzanite tennis bracelet with a total of 22 kts. of the stone!!

I realize that ShopLC is much lower than this cost would be but I don't recall ever seeing an expensive Tanzanite bracelet being offered here
Yes I know they are the suppliers of most other shopping channels but I don't understand if they always claim the mines are closed etc then why are these extreme pieces of jewelry being produced at the "Must Have" deal for today?

That piece came from a certain "House of C......" and they are saying these stones came from their mines
Hence the confusion.....ShopLC is always saying they are the only ones that have Tanzanite in good quantities but it is running out quick
I am missing something in these statements?
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Re: I am curious, has ShopLC Ever Sold a $5,000 AAA 14kt. Gold Tanzanite Tennis Bracelet?

Post by GemfArMooom » 6 months ago

Hi Penn,

I'm not sure if it's the same bracelet, but I saw mr. T present a trillion cut multi tanzanite bracelet last night. I believe it was AA or AAA and it was gold (I think, I wasn't paying close attention, trying to ignore the entire presentation).

Funny, while searching the website to see if AAA tanzanite in gold is a normal thing for SLC, I found SEVERAL items with MASSIVE glitches. Rings with NO size options or descriptions, buttons that didn't work, etc.

I THOUGHT 14K was ALWAYS their 'AAAA" material (which again, is NOT a real thing, and no actual certified gemologist would ever list anything as AAAA, because GIA LISTS AAA AS THE TOP!!)

Mr T did mention that he hadn't seen SLC show a tanzanite bracelet before (but then again, ALLLLLL the hosts say this about their items).

I also saw some 5ct tanzanite loose stones that he supposedly "certified and appraised" himself.

The problem with SLC and tanzanite, is that they were one of the biggest investors in the Tanzanite One mine, the one that was shut down. But it wasn't shut down due to lack of stones like they keep claiming (don't believe anything they say). In other words, if their supply chain has halted, they NOW have to pay higher prices to buy from other vendors, I imagine after all this time they may FINALLY have gone through most of their rough they had at their own facilities, and have had to buy the nicer, larger stones from other suppliers . . .

There really isn't MUCH in the lines of info AFTER 2019 online . . . it's pretty hush hush. Tanzanite One was SOLD in 2018/2019 after the Tanzanian Gov found out they hadn't been paying their workers and FORCEFULLY closed them until they paid.

Actually, if you google their website it's *GONE*. Actually don't google it, it could even be a virus hack site judging by the looks of it (help....)

The Tanzanite One company is now investing into Graphite (nice move, money better spent!). The "NEW" owners of the Block C mine (formerly Tanzanite One) ALSO had issues recently where they killed workers from a neighboring mine with an explosion, the government shutting BOTH mines down until a solution can be worked out.

There IS still LOTS of already mined rough from all the mines to process in the meantime. Mining itself HAS slowed down, but mostly because of bickering between the miners and the government along with vandals and thieves.

But the lingering question is, if SLC was a shareholder in Tanzanite One, and the mine was sold to a new company and Tanzanite One dispersed, is SLC still a shareholder for the new mining company, are they a shareholder for the new Graphite company or they are just out on the street with no more investment???

Anyone know how that whole thing works? (I do not).
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