It's been a while

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It's been a while

Post by Gulfwaterlady » 5 months ago

Hi to all,
I haven't posted in quite a while. This forum is attacked so often but the good people on here always hold it together. I admire you all.
Recently the conversation has turned to why there are two hosts and why the men always give the prices. I just had to give an opinion about Shop LC since I first began watching it. I expressed my opinion about this to Shop LC several years ago. At that time executives from various departments were frequently coming on air with the hosts. I recognized Indian culture being displayed. I requested often that this practice be discontinued. In the UK this is tolerated due to large Indian population. I did not think this cultural atmosphere should be displayed on a United States television network as often as the executives were coming on air. Eventually, the only executive on air has become Ankur. To me, this is extremely unnecessary and displeasurable to most of the shoppers.
Shop LC decided to revert to a more Indian culture than it had when it first aired. It is owned as a subsidiary of Jaibhav Global, an Indian owned and operated company.
You have noticed the male in most airings sits to the right side on the set. He gives the prices.
Unless they perceive a woman to be extremely intelligent in the gemstone business, and has a very dominant personality, she is not an equal. Who do you see accompanying Ankur at the gem shows, usually viewing very high priced jewelry and gems? Which female host sits on the right side of the set and gives the prices? Which female host never seems to be on air with a male co-host anymore? She was when she first began working there.
It is Cheryl Ells. I am not criticizing her for this. She has
displayed to this Indian owned, male dominated company that she is, albeit an employee, equal to their level of respect.
When Karen Connelly is on air remotely, do you notice that she gives the prices? The executives recognize Karen for her knowledge and years of experience in the jewelry industry and her dominance in demeanor. Although Karen displays knowledge of femininity in fashion, wigs, cosmetollogy, and fragrance.
The other female hosts, no matter their knowledge, do not display the dominance necessary to earn respect.
When you see the film clips of the Indian woman banding together to make their jewelry boxes it is out of a necessity to survive. The culture has little regard for women. Many Muslim women are still subjugated to arranged marriages to men they do not love. It is a male dominated culture. This is not a site to discuss the sexual aspects of the culture.
I really believe that is why we all watch and keep wondering why the company is such a disorganized, sometimes dishonest, and a totally dysfunctional mess.
I no longer make purchases.
I do read the forum at times though.
I like Michele a lot even though she took humor a bit too far at times. I think she will soon realize how much better she will feel when she leaves Shop LC.
I have insulted the company. I have insulted the Indian culture. Although, it is certainly not indicative of everyone. To those, I apologize.
I can now be deleted.
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Re: It's been a while

Post by Bella » 5 months ago

80% of the population in India is Hindu not Islam!
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Re: It's been a while

Post by joshuatheemerald » 5 months ago

Bella, even though there might be some specific regional correlations in Gulfwaterlady’s post, I think the idea at LC that men are superior to women is the overall (and unfortunate) ideology on display. I too find myself sometimes turned off with the style of presenting. In fact, I often think that some of the more confident and poised women that LC employs seem to be treated the worst in terms of never being on a consistent schedule to be able to watch them. The two I feel that strongly about are Jessica and Hannah. And this is not to be mistaken with the brash personality of Cheryl who is like the salesperson at the store who makes you feel guilty when you walk out without buying anything. I can understand the promotion of non-professionals as mentioned in a previous thread and the appearances by back-office staff on air that was also mentioned by Gulfwaterlady. Very inconsistent with the message that the hosts know better than the customers, so trust them over your own knowledge. *eyeroll*
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Re: It's been a while

Post by WTFarmGirl » 5 months ago


I agree. I previously worked for an Indian owned company ages ago, but it was the OPPOSITE . . . it was run AND OWNED by a very head strong female with much respect from her husband. NOW, the other relatives popping in now and again, WERE the quiet, submissive type, and I once saw one get reamed out solidly by her husband when she visited him at work.

There is Northern India and Southern India, and while they are somewhat similar, I believe the northern Indians, closer to Pakistan ( which IS Muslim), are more strict in terms of hierarchy and gender roles.

My video editor lives in Bangladesh, which is both Hindu (Indian) and Muslim because it's close to both Pakistan and India (from what he said, I didn't check).

I also noticed overall, the company is run according to Indian culture (heavy sales pushing, talking over the other person, etc -- I get a LOT of Indian guys trying to market website services to me, lol).

They can run a company any way they want, but it may or may not work long term here in the US ;)
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Re: It's been a while

Post by Penelope~Pit~Stop » 5 months ago

@Gulfwaterlady ....

Good morning and welcome back :)
I am going to have to agree with your post and everything it states ;)
Never apologize for having an opinion because so far the United States is still a free country!
Your opinion is not trying to get someone in trouble or reporting them :roll:

To this day I see the "male influence" on many presentations and it's ridiculous!
What really showed me that mentality was when the new male Hosts like Chris and Hunter showed up!
Immediately they were the ones giving the prices and smack downs and they were not even on air over 48 hours

Makes me wonder if the new female Hosts are in a probationary stance and not the men, I know that is a stretch but I have often wondered about it
@joshuatheemerald and @WTFarmGirl ....
Kudos for your comments also!! makes perfect sense to me :D
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