Newer host Miss C.

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Re: Newer host Miss C.

Post by Quette » 5 months ago

Chuck did not say he was leaving any time soon. He said he told his significant other they would be moving to Florida in a few years when he retired. Since he was showing a manicure set he said he gets a manicure every three weeks, has been doing so for decades, and his current person is the best he's ever had. He asked his SO what he was going to do when he had to leave TX. Her reply to Chuck was he wouldn't be on tv and wouldn't need to get regular manicures any more.
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Re: Newer host Miss C.

Post by Lacy » 5 months ago

I am sure if and when Chuck leaves SLC, he will announce it 3 month in advance and keep letting us know the date. They'll probably have balloons and a goodbye party for him.......(because he's special)....Sure.

No one else but Karen got that, as she deserved. Although, as we know, She came back...
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