Tenner Still At SLC

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Tenner Still At SLC

Post by WTFarmGirl » 4 months ago

So many months ago, everyone noticed tenner was no longer featured as a guest host on SLC. A few also were able to find out he had some court issues which likely could have been the cause.

However, it seems he IS still working at SLC. Last night on the show Tony was talkign about "his" rubellite and the various gems that had been procured by SLC at the Tuscon gem show, at which point he began naming off all the people at SLC who had gone to the show . . . of which ONE was his brother Tenner! Now mind you, he didn't mention ANY of the on air hosts, only various personnel I had only vaguely heard of. It seems to strange to me, that Tony would mention him while naming off all the people at SLC who attended, unless he too was still part of the team.

For what it's worth!
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Re: Tenner Still At SLC

Post by colljoe » 4 months ago

Not surprised. They are not employees of Shop LC.
Blood is thicker than wat...Shop LC! :lol:
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Re: Tenner Still At SLC

Post by joshuatheemerald » 4 months ago

LC certainly keeps strange company. It’s been well-documented in our conversations here about the legal issues he has faced, which would be troubling for any company to justify when such a large portion of their success depends on perception. But, hey make a beloved host like Michele basically put the call to action out there that she would like to still work but don’t give her or the audience any sense of hope that they are heard.
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