Female hosts on SLC

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Re: Female hosts on SLC

Post by colljoe » 4 months ago

I've always said that if I owned this company Cheryl is an asset and knowledgeable and I would hire her. However, that comment was a big NO-NO, not necessary and just wrong. You never know who can take offense with such a statement to a customer, and they will change the channel. I am sure she could have come up with something more tactful or just not acknowledge it at all. Especially over a shirt? Does someone need a vacation?
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Re: Female hosts on SLC

Post by Druid » 4 months ago

I would keep Cheryl in the background and as a coach for teaching hosts about gems. Her shrieks are not necessary for the customers.
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Re: Female hosts on SLC

Post by Koalagirl » 4 months ago

While Cheryl is very knowledgeable of the merch that she sells, she does need to go back to charm school. I did hear her comments to the viewer and thought it was crast. Cheryl thinks she can and does get away with it, after all I think she is Ankurs pet. She does go to all the gem shows.
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Re: Female hosts on SLC

Post by WTFarmGirl » 4 months ago

I know the top you speak of. She liked wearing it during tanzanite presentations on the weekend, for more "formal" type merchandise, and I thought it looked decent. I have not been watching as of late, so didn't catch the show. But DO agree that formal outfits have a time and a place and MOST CERTAINLY one should DRESS TO IMPRESS at ANY job you are paid at. TOP TO BOTTOM.

I too have seen the staff wearing jeans at HSN (only other channel I get on TV), and the ONLY thing you could accuse them of it belonging to the "boring club", outfits are all almost identical and quite mute and non distracting. NOT BAD, TASTEFUL, but very uninteresting. The jeans are ALL very prim and proper and perfect. Everything was PERFECT. Like a Barbie movie set, bahaha. BUT IT WAS VERY PROFESSIONAL, which was the bottom line.

I DON"T agree with video chats where an employee is only "half dressed" and pretty much in the buff from waist down, or in pajamas. It's just laziness.

MY guess is, Cheryl has some sort of DIRT on SLC or Ankur or someone, and dangles it over their head so they have no choice but to keep her. If Cheryl's reason for being kept were her gemological experience, she'd be moved OFF CAMERA like Tenner and given a different job while still providing "valuable" gem buying experience. I'm SURE they are always trying to do deals every day buying new merch and such.

NO ONE else would get away with such nonsense!
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