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Post by Lacy » 2 months ago

Nothing has changed, I haven't bought from LC in a while now. I saw the 3 am show.
After her training for a while now. Do you think she may want her appearance to
be polished by now. C, needs a serious fill for her nails. It takes 45 mins the most of her time.
Her appearance must not be important to C. I've watched her off and on.
She should be so much better by now. She is so fake, she also has a fake laugh all the time and
doesn't talk about the product enough. Just talks to the other host joking around.
I think she thinks she is cleaver. It's off the rails already.
Turned it off, put the news on. It's more interesting.
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Re: Presentations

Post by joshuatheemerald » 2 months ago

Perhaps because I am watching less and less, and therefore I am more sensitive to the annoyances of watching LC when I do stop on them while channel surfing…. It blows my mind how bad LC is compared to others in their same home shopping space. Miss C has not gotten any better, she is just an amplified version of who she was when she was “promoted”. No content, no expertise, and mostly a parrot to Mr. C.
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Re: Presentations

Post by Koalagirl » 2 months ago

I'm sorry but Ms. C has not gotten any better at all. I saw her first show as a host and I saw her for a hot minute the other day and there was no difference. She would've been so much better off as staying a model. Like it was said her laughter seems so fake and her expressions are over the top. Its no wonder I watch the other stations more often. I won't watch H, Ms. C or S when they are on and they are on the most.
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Re: Presentations

Post by Penelope~Pit~Stop » 2 months ago

Hello Lacy, Joshuatheemerald and Koalagirl.....

Wow you all of have described exactly what I was feeling when I watched her in the early morning hours with Adi
By the way I was happy to see him and figured he was called in to take up some of the slack for the "vacationing" four Host :lol:
I meant to tell you Joshua in your other post that I agree with you on that many people being sent to Tazania !
That doesn't even make any sense and yet in all the time Michelle was employed she was NEVER sent sad
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