Long holiday weekend

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Long holiday weekend

Post by anniebelle » 1 week ago

folks at SLC must be taking advantage of the fact that many things are opening up after the lockdown. I tried repeatedly to reach Customer Service, last evening, last night one and two a.m., after coffee this morning. "We are experiencing higher than normal call volumes". Maybe because there aren't enough people working? Oops, gotta go they're calling!

I had two orders to cancel, one had already been " picked". Not bad, considering it took so long to answer the phone. If they had answered last night, it might be doable!
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Re: Long holiday weekend

Post by Harlequin » 1 week ago

On Monday I didn’t get what I needed. Because. ( C ). Host wouldn’t be quiet, I txt to SLC for ( C ) to shush, but ( C ) wouldn’t, so I txt again, told them they just lost a sale. Jessica was presenting a monitor for a baby, or adult, played waves, water sounds, you could record on it. When you can’t hear, see, or size you don’t buy. SLC called me back with in 5 minutes. Try to call them it’s 30 minute wait. Go figure!! 😏
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