Why does everything have to be so hard?

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Why does everything have to be so hard?

Post by buyitall » 5 months ago

Remember when you used to go to your budget pay page and then you could just glance and SEE what items you had on budget pay?? Not any more! Now, it just gives basic information. I don’t normally keep a written list of the order numbers or item numbers at hand…do you??? WHY can’t they at least write the name of the item ordered there??? No, they have to make it hard to check your budget pays. It used to be easy!! The changes made on their website are awful! It is certainly NOT user friendly! Maybe the changes they’ve made have made it easier for them but certainly not for their customers! Also, why does it show that I ordered more of the same item when I only ordered one and only charged for one? It is concerning. When I see five items listed on my order page and I only ordered one it makes me uneasy about my payment. So then, I either contact my bank to be sure or double check my bank statement to be sure. It is extra trouble and stress for me. Is anyone else out there frustrated with website problems??? I could go on and on…………
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Re: Why does everything have to be so hard?

Post by BostonIrish » 5 months ago

Hi there but it all I have been here much too long. My Grandson is so good with computers and He is 11 years old. I don't know who Am it hired but for what 6 months this has been bad bad bad now once again can't see watch list I don't like to do max bids and the people that do are always over bidding on the same items over and over again they know who they are. I really don't need another thing but there is always that one more ha ha and another. I am not a re seller but I should be once I looked at items over the years. I miss the beautiful pieces from royal Jaipur and others. Oh well I hope you have a great day and everyone on here stay safe.
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Re: Why does everything have to be so hard?

Post by joy51 » 5 months ago

this website sucks!!!
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Re: Why does everything have to be so hard?

Post by CaribbeanGirl » 5 months ago

Back when the network was selling moderate priced items I think they focused more on things like the website, & making sure their customers are happy. Now they are all about selling very high priced items & I think all of their focus is on that subject. Who cares if the web site works well if they are selling thousands of dollars of items every day. As long as they keep selling $1,000 gold chains & $2,000 rings that is all they care about. It sure is not the web site or giving customers more budget pays, or $79.00 a yr. shipping like at the sister channel & buy as many pieces as you want for that shipping price. I do not think it matters that we buy more here in the states from the network , we bring more money to the network here, so they could afford to give us the same offer they give to them in London. We have to pay $3.99 or $4.99 every time we order some thing. At the sister channel you can pay $7.99 for a whole month of shipping, that is less than us here paying $4.99 for 2 items bought in one month, & they get a whole month for $7.99 it is not fair at all, or $79.00 for 1 year of shipping as many items as you want can you imagine what a savings that would be. When you buy a item here that costs $9.99 then $4.99 shipping then taxes, it is costing you around $17.00 for a $10 item. The sister channel has a better variety of items. Last night I saw very nice pastel leather purses for $29.00, nice pastel coin purses & wallets, $9.99. We always have the dark winter colored purses, why no pastels here? Does any one else like pastels for summer?? No we get snake skin, I am sorry I just can not go there. But I really think that Shop LC is so different from when I first started watching 5 yrs. ago. & their main focus is selling very high priced jewelry.
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Re: Why does everything have to be so hard?

Post by DiamondGoddess » 5 months ago

I recently ordered a Pi'Xiu bracelet and I did not order a couple other items because of the separate shipping adding up.

I ordered a nail polish last night from the Q company...free shipping!

And the bracelet and polish were the same price.

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