Under 20.00

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Under 20.00

Post by BostonIrish » 4 months ago

Why no under 20 today?🤷
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Re: Under 20.00

Post by FarmMom » 4 months ago

A lot of that stuff has gone by the wayside. They used to do all that but lately it's been a mix of cheap and expensive
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Re: Under 20.00

Post by CaribbeanGirl » 4 months ago

I knew this day was coming, they have slowing been doing a way with it. I think before long the under $10 Friday will be gone also. They are still selling low priced items on the sister chanels in London, &Germany. I do not think they spend the money on expensive jewelry like they do here. I watch all 3 & have picked up on that. As long as the Americans keep giving them the money why sell $10 items? I just find it hard to believe that the way things are now inthis world people are spending money on expensive jewelry that some people are doubting that it is real or not. After the first of the yr. we may not see any more under $10 days. I know so many people along with myself that use to love watching Shop L C, now it is a downer.
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