Jana on. So refreshing!

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Jana on. So refreshing!

Post by colljoe » 5 months ago

Jana formally from JTV has been on of lately. She is a breath of fresh air, classy, knowledgeable and blows them all out of the water. When Jana talks she really has a lot to say and knows her stuff. I hope she becomes a regular. She's also up on all the latest trends which most of Shop LC's hosts are not. She is on with Kim now I see, and of course Kim won't stop talking. Ugh! Kim is hard to take early in the morning, she just won't stop talking. Rude to the guest host I think. Jana, hang in there. They NEED you! We NEED you.
I turned it on for the $10 Friday to check out deals. Ha! So far no $10 Friday.
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Re: Jana on. So refreshing!

Post by Lacy » 5 months ago

I haven't seen any of her shows yet but I did look her up on jtv complaint board. Here is a comments about Jana.

She speaks so fast that she should cut out the a caffeine, I unable to understand her.
Jana..... you need to go somewhere where you can look at yourself constantly you're always looking and primping your hair you act like you're so much better than anybody else and you're very rude even to guest you're always butting in and has to be first in everything they need to let your a.s go!!!

Another said, she is dishonest, miss informs info about items. I can't buy anything from her because I don't know if what she is saying is the truth. You must be able to believe the person selling you a product.

(Look up jtv complaint board, Jana Laurin Dishonest Host)

I realize these comments are made from a viewer in 2018, but who says she is wrong. We watch what happens on LC with the hosts and share it here as well.
If these comments are true, she will fit in perfectly with the other overbearing, interrupting and annoying host on shop lc.
I won't watch, if she is as bad as the others.
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Re: Jana on. So refreshing!

Post by FarmMom » 5 months ago

Was she the dark haired lady with the dogs causing a raucous? I did see someone new the other day and I think she was on with Kim , had dark hair...
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