Look who discovered Turkizite (Zultanite)

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Look who discovered Turkizite (Zultanite)

Post by FarmMom » 6 months ago

(gasp!) Is it any surprise? Guess WHO at SLC discovered this marvelous gem? They found the rough and brought it to GIA and GIA stood in amazement and claimed 'Oh gosh, we have NEVER seen this before! Bravo!" And then he went on to cut everything himself with his team of gem cutters up until 2016, and he decided "only the best of the best will ever be sold!"

Oh yes, it's our "favorite" star, Tony!

It's getting to the point where even my husband can see through his charades, and he's not good at picking up on these types of social cues.

I've said it before. Zultanite/csarite and Turkizite are NOT the same thing. All you have to do is look it up online. Does Tony think we don't know how to use a computer?? Yes, from a mineral standpoint they are the same, but from a gem standard, they are NOT. It IS a single source mine, and it IS owned by one company. THAT person was the one who discovered it AND set the standard for what IS or is NOT "Zultanite". Since he owns the mine he also forbid ANY of the lesser quality material to be sold, but it's thought that thieves come into their dumps and steal out all the discarded material. IF this is true, then in fact anyone buying "turkizite" is buying stolen material. Only ACTUAL zultanite/csarite can be sold and ONLY under those names and ONLY with a certificate of authenticity from that mine.

A man by the name of 'Stephen" was in fact the main cutter of Zultanite, having also cut the world's largest stone of 96 carats and set in a diamond necklace worth well over a million dollars.

And additionally, a correct zultanite will change from a rose color to a rich mint green, sometimes displaying BOTH at once. The stuff on shoplc is mediocre at best...

That guy is full of more cr@p than my horse pasture . . . .
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Re: Look who discovered Turkizite (Zultanite)

Post by Bella » 6 months ago

FarmMom, I remember a thread on this forum about this same subject like 3 years ago. I do agree with all your research, Turkizite is the bottom of the barrel of a Turkish diaspore. Not worth putting into jewelry in my opinion. Zultanite is like the mine owners brand and you must have a certificate of proof that it came from that mine so it can be called Zultanite. They are trying to only sell the best, and do not want lesser quality being represented as such. I would never buy any gemstone being sold as Turkizite. If anyone truly wants to buy Zultanite seek out a reputable jeweler or gemstone dealer.
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